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It’s commonly known that there are “hidden,” or not advertised, job opportunities. According to Power Up Your Job Search page, statistics show that 80% of job vacancies are not advertised. In some regions, that percentage can be higher. Volunteering is a vital way to identify work opportunities and connect with potential employers in the “hidden” job market.

Are you curious about volunteering or wondering what you can gain from it? Are you wondering how volunteering will help your career?

Volunteering allows you to:
  1. Broaden your network: Volunteering will allow you to make new connections with potential employers and recruiters for organizations you are interested in.
  2. Demonstrate your abilities: Volunteering allows prospective employers to discover your abilities. This will provide an opportunity for word to spread about your talents and availability.
  3. Gain Experience: By volunteering your time, you are able to develop new skills and be mentored at the organization. This will allow you to add skills to your resume and provide concrete examples when you demonstrated those abilities at an interview.
If you are interested in volunteering, you can start with Volunteer BC. This website includes a Volunteer Centres Listing that has over 30 entries. Here you can look up your region and find a volunteer center near you. Another resource is Community Volunteer Connections. They provide an interactive map where you can type in your location or a keyword to find the best volunteer position. GoVolunteer is another great resource to find specific volunteer opportunities. This website asks for your location and further specifications, such as your volunteer skills and whether you would like a skilled role.

Volunteering is one of many ways you can power up your job search. See these pages over at WorkBC.ca to learn more about gaining the job seeker advantage:
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